Frank is a dedicated, ambitious, result driven leader and thoughtful individual. If you ever need career advice Frank is your man! He has the uncanny ability to explain complex concepts in simple understandable terms. He is great in dealing with difficult situations and a fantastic problem solver. If you’re looking to get into a career of your choice Frank can you get you there.

Monty Sahota

The one thing that continues to impress me day in and day out about Frank is his unrelenting dedication to the success of his clients and the people that he works with. I’ve worked with Frank for a number of years now and have personally known him for over a decade, and I can say, without a doubt, that he has been the biggest driving force in terms of my own personal success (both professionally and personally), not to mention the countless clients that he has impacted and changed the course of their career trajectory for the better. Personally speaking, I would never have any qualms about referring/introducing Frank to anybody that I’ve ever met, either now or in the future.

William Chung

What impresses me the most about Frank is his innate ability to break down the simplest of subjects and synthesize complex takeaways and learnings from them. He is analytical in his approach, methodical in his technique, and extremely passionate about everything he does in life. There have been many times when a conversation with him about an everyday subject has profoundly shaped my perspective of the world. He constantly challenges me to think outside the box and approach every situation in life from multiple perspectives before making any decisions. In the short time I've known him, Frank has become a mentor in my professional development, a confidant for my career path, and, most importantly, a friend of whom I trust. I am grateful for all he has done for me and can honestly say that I wouldn't be where I am now without his guidance.

Jerry Lee

A true purveyor of the modern job market. I met Frank initially from a Modern Career Advice seminar where I thought I already knew the ins and outs of the job market having been to my fair share of interviews and informational interviews. However, after listening to his wisdom regarding the pitfalls of conventional wisdom when it came to how to tackle and get into industries you wanted my perceptions changed dramatically. I like Frank’s style mostly due to his transparency in how he thinks and his creative process in re-branding. If you are having a hard time defining what you really want, talk to Frank and while he may not be able to define what you’re looking for, you’ll definitely have a better idea of how to get there.

Justin Harry Fong

Having known Frank personally for over a decade, my initial impressions of his intelligence, charisma, and business savvy have persisted. He truly stands out for his business sense and even more so for his ability to eloquently deliver and communicate complex business ideas. Any aspiring businessman should spend two minutes just talking to Frank and you'll soon know that you can spend a lifetime learning from him.

Charles Wang

Frank provided a high quality presentation, detailing strategies that will improve the way my peers and I at UC Davis approach the job interviewing process. The suggestions that were made, were fresh, immediately actionable and produce real results.

Doron Zehavi

I've known Frank as a friend and mentor for over a decade now. In that time, I've continually been impressed by his trove of knowledge, drive and passion for guiding others to help them achieve their career and life goals. Frank exhibits an increasingly rare skill - genuine interest in and desire to listen to others. I count on Frank not just to listen, but to provide blunt, honest, no-bs feedback. His approach is highly rigorous, analytical, and leaves no stone unturned. As a result, he's helped me through some very difficult crossroads where I would've been a total loss otherwise. He's the first person I trust with advice when it comes to my career.

Eugene Krimkevich
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