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rank Song is currently managing $500 million in committed capital to pursue buyouts of, partnerships with, and/or building highly profitable businesses in unsexy markets.

Frank increases enterprise value by implementing large, sustainable competitive advantage into the businesses, such as increasing operating sophistication, pursuing strategic acquisitions or partnerships to create a national oligopoly or local/regional monopoly dynamic, implementing technology advantages, and increasing performance marketing returns.

Additionally, Frank currently works as a confidential advisor to businesses with at least $10 million in revenue and advises politicians in implementing an art of war campaign in their markets or campaigns to defeat competitors who are larger or better resourced.

Previously, Frank worked at Accel-KKR, one of the top private equity funds (based on returns), where he helped manage the $4.0 billion fund by completing buyouts and growth equity investments for $100 million – $1 billion technology companies.

Frank has contributed capital to:


(sold for
$750 million)

Zinc Ahead

(sold for
$130 million)


(sold: amount


Completed over



of leverage buyouts, corporate takeovers, mergers/acquisitions, & investments


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From Walmart To Wall Street:
Frank Song’s Eight-Figure Business Journey


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